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Do you have an infant suffering from colic? Maybe you notice your newborn having cycles of constipation then diarrhea, meaning there may be some bowel movement issues. Have older children feeling embarrassed after wetting the bed? What about pain in their backs after playing a little too roughly with their siblings? Regardless, the main concern is your child is in pain, and you want help. The good news, we have the answer for you. It’s called pediatric chiropractic care.

At Diamond Chiropractic Omaha North, our doctor uses Zone Technique to pinpoint the cause of pain for our pediatric patients in Omaha NE. Based on findings, we focus on several zones of the body connected to the pain, working on assisting your child’s overall development for the future ahead.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: For Children of ALL Ages in Omaha NE

When the words “pediatric chiropractic care” appear in a conversation, some parents may think this type of care applies to only infants or small children; teens not included. This isn’t the case. Pediatric chiropractic care applies to all children in the family, not just a certain age range.


As surprising as it sounds, infants suffer from the same stress/trauma placed on their bodies like any other patient. The question, though, that parents have is how this would happen. How can a newborn, who may have arrived just a few days ago, experience pain and stress on their body? Our answer: during delivery. During the birthing process, a newborn can endure extra pressure and stress, which can cause them to be stuck in the birthing canal. To help both the mother and the baby, doctors may pull on the baby’s neck, arms, or even legs to move them through. Because of this, additional pressure is placed on the baby’s spine and neck.

This increased pressure affects the baby’s nervous and immune systems, causing improper nerve communication and decreased hormone production. As a result, parents notice their newborns suffering from colic, fussiness, feeding complications, and even ear infections and aches. Resolving these conditions becomes a priority for the parents. Luckily, pediatric – including prenatal – chiropractic care focuses on relieving that pressure on the baby’s spine and/or neck. Regular visits to the chiropractor result in a healthier and happier newborn… and parents.


As children continue to grow, parents and chiropractors are always amazed at how fast their bodies change. Children can walk, run, play sports, and do other physical activities with little issue. When they do suffer an injury, we don’t realize how much that small incident affects the whole body. A small trip can cause several aches and pains to develop days later. That pain develops due to pressure and stress on the spinal nerves, leading to more pain in other areas of the body. As a result, children will experience aches all over their body, along with not feeling well.

Other health issues children suffer from include ADD/ADHD, changes in attitude and/or behavior, ear infections, bed wetting, sleep problems, and asthma. To help this, parents will start looking into pediatric chiropractic care. Through regular chiropractor visits and small lifestyle adjustments, children will begin to feel much healthier, sleep better, and feel more energized.


Once they become teens, children start to feel more independent, relying less on their parents. They can drive, play in sports, hang out with friends, and much more. However, this doesn’t exclude them from experiencing injuries and aches. Teens will experience stress or trauma in their bodies. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, it can be difficult to determine what caused the pain initially. Sometimes it is a combination of all three! Because of this, your teen’s posture can change. They may experience pain in their back, shoulders, and neck due to poor posture, as well as pain in their joints.

In addition, their overall behavior and attitude may change due to that new stress. Parents will soon see their teen behaving differently than they normally would, and they may not know what to do next. This is where pediatric chiropractic care can come in. With regular chiropractic adjustments, parents and teens will notice positive changes occurring. Teens will have a better posture than before, along with feeling more confident and active. Their overall outlook will improve as well, and parents will be happy that their teen is feeling much better.

Let’s Talk: Your Child’s Nervous and Immune Systems

Most conditions develop due to improper nerve communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body. The same applies to pediatric chiropractic care cases.

The Nervous System

If we compare the human body to a house or apartment, the nervous system would be the electrical system. If something happens to the electrical, to the fuse box, problems can occur throughout the home. The same applies to the nervous system and the human body. The nervous system is vital for a child’s overall growth and health, sending signals to the appropriate muscles, tendons, glands, and cells on how and when to work. All these pathways connect to the spinal nerve, protected by the vertebrae and discs. With proper spinal alignment, the brain communicates with the rest of the body efficiently, and the child continues to grow, being healthy throughout the process.

So, if there is a disturbance in a child’s nervous system, conditions such as bed wetting, colic, ear infections, acid reflux, and trouble sleeping develop. Ironically, though, parents and children may not realize these conditions occur because of one detail: the lack of pain. Children fall, trip over something, and play sports often, showing how high their pain tolerance can be. As such, it is not surprising for symptoms to appear, but the child doesn’t experience pain. In addition, parents are unaware of the cause behind the symptoms, which can lead to more trouble.

The Immune System

The nervous system isn’t the only network that can be affected. Along with the nervous system, a child’s immune system may be affected as well. The immune system is the body’s own defense system, protecting the body from harmful germs and infection. It keeps track of every harmful substance it has fought previously so it knows how to handle future occurrences. Working properly, the body performs daily tasks without worry of being harmed by potentially dangerous germs. If there is stress, however, on this system, there may be trouble throughout the whole body. Certain substances may slip in undetected and cause a lot of damage, including inflammation and infection in affected areas. Cells that are designed to fight those substances may not know what to do. As such, children can suffer several symptoms because of what is going on in the body.

Both the nervous system and the immune system are important for proper growth, especially with children. Not only should children be getting plenty of sleep and rest, but they should also eat healthy and be active. Regular visits to the chiropractor are another option for children to stay healthy and keep growing into strong adults.

Zone Technique: Where to Start

It may surprise parents that Zone Technique can help a child’s growth and development, and the results show that improvement. Zone Technique focuses on finding any imbalances in one or more of the body’s six zones and correcting them. For pediatric chiropractic care, the most common Zone 2, Zone 5, and Zone 3.

Zone 2 - Elimination Zone

Zone 2 is responsible for “flushing out” harmful waste products from the body. Consisting of organs such as the lungs, kidneys and the intestines, this zone assists in flushing out any harmful byproducts produced in the body. For example, carbon dioxide gets expelled from the body through the lungs. As such, when this zone becomes imbalanced, harmful byproducts in the body might not get flushed out properly. Those substances would cause damage – even poison – the body from the inside, leading to other complications. With children, an imbalance in Zone 2 can result in symptoms such as bed wetting, prolonged sneezing and/or coughing, constipation, diarrhea, and throat pain. Such symptoms, especially bed wetting, leads to children – even teens – feeling embarrassed and stressed due to not understanding what is happening within their own bodies. By focusing on this zone, especially during regular adjustments, children will feel less stressed, will feel more confident in themselves, and they will have more control over their body’s functions.

Zone 5 - Musculoskeletal Zone

Zone 5 is the body’s support system and foundation. Thanks to 637+muscles, ligaments, and bones in the body, we can move around and perform daily tasks effortlessly. While Zone 5 can suffer from mental and emotional stress, the most common cause behind pain in this system is physical stress. Slips and falls. Learning to walk for the first time. Running into walls and/or corners. Sports. All of these are examples of what can cause an imbalance in this zone, especially for children and teens. This is because the muscles in the body tighten up, bracing the body for impact against something. Whether it is the floor, a wall, or another person, children and teens will experience pain shortly after the incident. As such, focusing on this zone will result in children and teens feeling less pain in their bodies. They will become more active and healthier as well, feeling more energized and stronger than before.

Zone 3 - Nervous Zone

Zone 3 is the Nervous System, the body’s electrical system. This zone tells your body when to switch “on” and “off”. Your body relies on this zone to determine when to sleep, to digest nutrients, and to relax throughout a given day. Overall, Zone 3 acts as the master balancing system for the body. Like the other zones, however, this zone can become stressed and burnt out. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or a chemical imbalance, this zone will experience issues from stress and/or spinal misalignment. Children suffering from a Zone 3 imbalance may experience hormone imbalances, headaches or migraines, trouble sleeping, nervousness, balance issues, poor eyesight, and much more. Due to such varying symptoms, children become more stressed, leading them to make poor health decisions and getting less sleep than before. Therefore, it is important that children get plenty of sleep, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and they get plenty of exercise. In addition, visiting the chiropractor regularly will help keep children feeling energized and on the right health track.

What to Expect With Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care provides multiple health benefits. Whether it is a health condition or general pain management, pediatric patients will experience positive changes in their overall health. The main takeaway is our Chiropractor focuses on making your child feel better and healthier. Thanks to this, parents can expect the following to occur:

Proper health for infants

Let’s start with talking about newborns and infants. Within their first few months, infants may suffer from several conditions, from colic to reflux to ear infections. Sometimes, infants struggle with getting proper sleep and even breastfeeding. When this does happen, both parents may feel at a loss on what to do next. Given this, all those conditions may be due to spinal misalignments in the baby’s spine. This is where pediatric chiropractic care comes in. By realigning the spine, parents can expect positive changes to occur. Less reflux incidents. More ease latching on to breastfeed. Little to no episodes of colic. Decreased instances of ear infection. Overall, common issues infants experience can be corrected, and both parents and their infants will feel less stress during this time in life.

Better sleep

All children, teens and adults feel tired and tense when they don’t get the right amount of sleep. Any form of stress, tension or discomfort will result in a restless night of sleep. For infants and children who have ADD/ADHD, lack of sleep can affect their brain development. Because of this, parents want a solution. That solution is pediatric chiropractic care. With regular chiropractic visits, any child and teen suffering from sleeping problems will get the rest they need. Improving their sleep allows children and teens to have better attitudes, feel more active, and have more nights of restful sleep.

Improved behavior and attitude

A child’s sleeping patterns and their behavior/attitude work together. Lack of sleep causes a child to feel overly tired and frustrated. As such, improving their sleep will improve their attitude and behavior as well. This is done through regular chiropractic adjustments to the spine. Realigning the spine will take pressure off the nerves and increase nerve communication. Parents will notice their children not only sleeping better but also having a better attitude and behavior. For children with ADD or ADHD, they will have more control of their actions and can concentrate in school as well.

Better posture and mobility

With their active lifestyles, children and teens can experience pain for various reasons. Any stress on the body can affect its posture and mobility. Additionally, conditions like scoliosis affect the spine, resulting in other health problems. As a result, children and teens may develop multiple health issues due to any physical, mental or emotional stress they are experiencing. Sometimes, it is a combination of the three, which can affect a child or teen’s self-esteem. That is why it is important to alleviate that stress and have them feeling much better than before. Realigning the spine is a good start, as it will take pressure off the nerves and improve nerve communication. Once this is done, pain and symptoms in other areas of the child’s body will start to disappear. Soon enough, a child or teen will not only have better posture and mobility, but they will also feel more confident in themselves and have a better outlook on life.

Proper immune system functions

Parents may be surprised to hear that pediatric chiropractic care helps improve their child’s immune system. When the immune system is working well, children will fight off those nasty cold and flu bugs faster than before. Along with a faster recovery time, the chance of suffering from another flu bug decreases. If a child or teen is experiencing stomach problems, visits to the chiropractor will help relieve that pain. Along with colds and stomach pain, children and teens suffering from ear infections will find relief with chiropractic care, too. Colds, flus, and ear infections result from misalignments in the spine and neck. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help alleviate pain from those conditions, along with healing them entirely. Instead of complaining about not feeling well, children and teens will feel much better after visiting the chiropractor, and they will want to get back to being with their friends faster.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha North

At Diamond Chiropractic Omaha North, our chiropractor will perform an examination, take x-rays, and determine the cause of your conditions; specifically, your pediatric pain. After comparing the findings and confirming the diagnosis, our chiropractor will develop a treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms, heal the pain, and provide you with recommendations to lower your risk for possible injuries.

To get started with pediatric chiropractic care, choose our Omaha, NE chiropractor today. Diamond Chiropractic Omaha North is currently accepting new patients of all ages. Call our office today. When it comes to pediatric chiropractic care, get relief NOW & FAST.


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