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Omaha Chiropractic Clinic: We are proud to be considered a superior chiropractic clinic in Nebraska — maintaining our impeccable standard of practice since 1981.  Dr. Jeffrey Clark has helped patients for over three decades and he considers every patient and their concern unique. As a skilled chiropractor, Dr. Clark is committed to doing everything within his power to personally guarantee his patients’ comfort level before, during, and after each treatment. After all, we were founded upon the basic belief that good chiropractic care, when combined with proper nutrition and an active healthy lifestyle, will help patients flourish.

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What Makes Clark Chiropractic Clinic in Omaha Different?

When you first visit Dr. Clark, he’ll ask you a few preliminary questions. This informal interview is designed to determine, both for you and Dr. Clark, whether an exam and treatment can benefit your particular ailment and/or situation. You’ll sit face to face with Dr. Clark and go through a thorough case history. During this initial process, Dr. Clark will evaluate your condition and judge whether the natural healing of  chiropractic services can serve your particular needs.

Our chiropractor wants you to feel relaxed and comfortable while seeking treatment under his care. Upon mutually agreeing to continue  chiropractic treatment, Dr. Clark will then discuss a personalized plan to help you reach your goals in achieving a healthy, pain-free active lifestyle.  Your treatment can start and let the healing begin!

Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark, DC was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Clark is educated by faculty & teachers of colleges worldwide. He has been in practice since 1981 and served on the Nebraska Workers Compensation Board and is a Diplomat of the International Scoliosis Research Center. Dr. Clark is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association and The Palmer Alumni Association.

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