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Wow what’s the burning that burning sensation that I am feeling in my throat and chest?  Have you had the feeling or have asked yourself that question? You are most likely experiencing Acid Reflux. Acid Reflux is a common condition that people experience. Usually those people are a little older in life. Those who experience frequent acid reflux episodes in a week could also be dealing with gastroesophageal reflux disease called GERD. Regardless it’s not a fun time. These symptoms point to an underlining problem in the body.

How Acid Reflux & GERD Differ

Acid reflux drWhen we talk about suffering from acid reflux and/or GERD, it can be difficult to differentiate the two. Because the two conditions act similarly, many patients are confused with which one they are suffering from. So let’s discuss each of them so you know what they are.

What’s the difference?

The difference between the two conditions is how frequent they happen. Acid reflux appears occasionally, while GERD appears several times within a week. Both can be managed with diet, lifestyle changes, and proper chiropractic adjustments.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux usually happens after eating a meal. Food and drinks travel from the mouth to the stomach through a tube called the esophagus. As your meal enters your stomach, a small “valve” of muscle fibers closes. This prevents any stomach contents from traveling back up. When this valve doesn’t work properly, whatever is in the stomach can travel back into the esophagus and cause acid reflux.


GERD occurs when there is too much or too little acid in the stomach. It is difficult to define the exact cause behind it. What we do understand is this condition is serious. Mild cases of GERD occur at least twice a week, while moderate to severe cases occur at least once a week.

Causes & Symptoms

stomach pain omahaWith acid reflux/ GERD, the enzymes and acids from the stomach are powerful enough to cause inflammation and irritation in the esophagus. This can damage sensitive tissues in the esophagus. In certain cases, these conditions can result in cancer.

 Each person experiences this condition differently, making it hard to explain what exactly causes it. Additionally, it could result from a combination of causes, such as having poor posture and stress. 

Possible causes of acid reflux/ GERD:

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Hiatal hernia

Symptoms of acid reflux/ GERD include:

  • Heartburn
  • Burning pain in the chest, other than heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Feeling that the esophagus is blocked

According to Zone Technique…

As we mentioned above, acid reflux/ GERD occurs for a variety of reasons. Regardless, even if each case is different, they all have something in common. These conditions can result from spinal misalignment. Additionally, that misalignment affects the body’s six zones. In other words, they occur when there is an imbalance in Zone 4 and Zone 1 in the body.

Zone 4: The Digestive System

Zone 4 is the body’s engine, breaking down food and drink into usable, clean energy. By breaking down food and drink, this zone allows the rest of the body to absorb and use those nutrients. When this system works properly, we can go about our daily routines like normal. However, if there is a problem, the rest of the body is affected. We can’t properly absorb the nutrients we need. As a result, digestive issues occur.

To help this, visit our Omaha chiropractor. Dr. Nilles will examine this zone to find any imbalances that are causing your acid reflux/ GERD. After finding the cause, he will focus on this zone in order get it balanced again. Patients will notice they can eat normally again, without experiencing digestive issues. In addition, patients will have more energy and can perform routine tasks as they had before.

Zone 1: The Glandular System

Zone 1 is responsible for releasing crucial hormones and chemicals into the body. These hormones assist in keeping the body healthy and maturing as we age. Working properly, this zone can communicate with the brain and release the right hormones at the right time. When there is an disturbance, though, nerve communication between the brain and the glands is affected. Specifically, glands near the stomach are affected.

Because hormones are essential for regulating your health, it is important to get this zone balanced. Luckily, Dr. Nilles can help. By focusing on this zone, he examines what parts of the spine need to be realigned. Realigning the spine opens up nerve communication with the brain and the glands throughout the body. In this case, Dr. Nilles will focus on opening up communication between the brain and the glands needed during digestion. Balancing this zone results in patients having normal appetites, having more energy, and less acid reflux/ GERD episodes.

Acid Reflux/ GERD Treatment at Diamond Chiropractic

doctor examining patients stomach painAt Diamond Chiropractic in Omaha, our chiropractor will perform an examination, take x-rays, and evaluate your posture to determine a cause for your acid reflux/GERD. After comparing the findings and confirming the diagnosis, our chiropractor will develop a treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms.

Spinal Adjustments

Our doctor will realign the vertebrae in the affected area to increase your range of motion. This alignment will alleviate the pain in the spinal nerves. Symptoms resulting from this pressure may begin to decrease as well.

Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction involves the use of a special table. This specific table includes rollers that will roll along the sides of the spinal column allowing blood to flow through the tight muscles and ligaments.  This type of treatment is effective with healing acid reflux by stimulating certain acupuncture points or meridians. It also allows the treatment to hold longer.


Electro-therapy, or acupuncture, is effective with acid reflux and the symptoms. Specific acupuncture points tied to the digestion and elimination systems will be stimulated to speed healing. Points like LI 4, St 36, and many more will be utilized.

Lifestyle Advice

With any condition, the last thing you want to do is make the pain worse. The same idea applies to healing acid reflux/GERD. Our advice is designed to help you not make your condition worse while you are healing. With conditions like acid reflux – our job is to help you isolate and avoid foods that bring on the burning sensation like too much alcohol or spicy foods.

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