Scoliosis Podcast


Scoliosis is usually not detected until it’s progressed into a problem. Children should be screened at an early age to ensure their spine is healthy and…
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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction Tables are used to stretch and relax the spine in order to open up nerve channels and promote healing. Can you please explain…
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Whats Wrong Doc

What’s Wrong Doc?

For over 35 years in practice, listening to patients and doing a differential diagnosis helps with finding the cause for the effect that a patient…
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Good Posture Podcast

Best Tips For Good Posture

Dr. Clark shares helpful tips on maintaining proper posture while standing, sitting, exercising, sleeping and while using handheld electronics. We know slouching is bad. How…
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Stiff Neck

Tips to Avoid a Stiff Neck

The best ways to avoid getting a stiff neck are proper sleeping habits, proper lifting techniques and being aware of day-to-day behaviors. Your head weighs approximately…
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Stiff Neck Podcast

Ways to Avoid a Stiff Neck

There are different causes of a stiff neck including poor sleeping conditions and poor posture. Learn treatment options for a stiff neck and better yet,…
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Pinched Nerves Podcast

How Does A Nerve Get Pinched?

‘Neuritis’ meaning inflammation of a nerve is the scientific term for ‘pinched nerve.’ Nerve inflammation can be very painful and we have answers. Is there…
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