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Sports Injury Chiropractor in Omaha: Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Sports Injury Chiropractor Omaha

The realm of sports injuries is varied and it can happen to anyone, even someone who may not consider themselves an “athlete” at all.  We are experienced in treating sports injuries and we will help you recover from your injury and return to the “playing field” even if that may be “daily life” itself.

Most symptoms from sports injuries will not go away if ignored and if they are mismanaged or neglected,  an injury can lead to further pain or bodily damage.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor after a Sports Injury

The chiropractic approach involves determining whether or not the body’s natural structure has caused problems with other areas of the body. When involved in athletic activities, the body is at a higher risk for the natural structures to come out of place. This can lead to injury, pain and an inability to participate in the activities that people love. A misalignment can cut off the normal communication of information between the brain and the body. These communication breakdowns can lead to serious health issues and injury.

Chiropractic Treatment Promote Safe and Effective Care without Surgery or Drugs

An exact cause must be determined to help an athlete get back to regular activities.  When you have a spinal and posture screening done, it serves as the initial step to formulating a specific game-plan to handle any problems or to customized maintenance visits.  These screenings can reveal important information regarding a person’s overall heath and provide a base for an effective course of action. Having chiropractic care done is a great decision to help get back to your optimum health.

Sports Injury Experience

As with every body being different, every injury is different. Therefore, we understand that the efficacy of chiropractic healing methods can be equally varied. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is usually the first treatment for your injury before being seen. Our experience dealing with sports injuries will be sure to direct your treatment plan for the best short and long term results.

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