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Omaha Xray - Contact us today to receive Omaha Xrays. The state of the art Xray equipment and friendly staff at Clark Chiropractic can treat you immediately.
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Omaha Xray

At Clark Chiropractic, we're pleased to offer on-site Omaha X-rays, which will assist and expedite your healing process while under our care. The Omaha X-ray, conveniently located within our own office, will allow our patients to obtain up-to-the-minute information: an Omaha X-ray produced while you wait or, better yet, while you seek treatment from one of our exceptionally qualified doctors. Omaha X-rays enable doctors to track a patient's current condition — within minutes.

Our access to the Omaha X-ray is an invaluable attribute to our business. Because it's important for our chiropractors to use Omaha X-rays to examine a patient's spine thoroughly — looking for clues from the inside, outside, and based upon the patient's oral account of their symptoms — the Omaha X-ray provides Clark Chiropractic Clinic that "extra edge" of specificity. Omaha X-rays help our doctors accurately identify bone structuring, and temper their chiropractic treatments accordingly. It's natural, not to mention essential, for our chiropractors to regularly utilize the Omaha X-ray's technology.

The pathology of the skeletal system is visible via the Omaha X-ray, as are certain diseases in the soft tissue. However, Omaha X-rays are not always advocated for use during chiropractic care. It is important to note that Omaha X-rays are not always appropriate — or even safe — for certain patients to receive. Pregnant women, or those attempting to become so, should always alert their doctor of their status before undergoing an Omaha X-ray. This is extremely important. As always, pregnant patients must exercise extreme caution when encountering Omaha X-rays. Your doctor or Omaha X-ray technician will be able to answer any questions you may have about the safety of your current Omaha X-ray, as well as all subsequent Omaha X-rays. If at first you do not receive the information you desire, keep asking questions. Our job is to provide you, the patient, with not only excellent Omaha chiropractic care and Omaha X-rays, but to help you feel comfortable about the procedures you may undergo — including, but not limited to, the standard Omaha X-ray.

For more information about Clark Chiropractic Clinic's policies on Omaha X-rays, and for in-depth coverage on chiropractic care in general, please do not hesitate to give us a "shout." We at Clark Chiropractic Clinic, value our patient-doctor relationships, and hope to establish, and continue to earn, your chiropractic trust for many years to come.

Omaha Xrays