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Omaha Spinal Screening - The staff at Clark Chiropractic are Spinal Screening Specialists in Omaha NE. Visit our chiropractic center today to check your spine.
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Omaha Spinal Screening

How well does your back feel? How about your neck? If you are experiencing discomfort in your neck or back — mild or extreme — it is most likely time to have The Omaha chiropractor spinal screening. This non-invasive, painless procedure can be administered by one of our expert spinal screening specialists in Omaha, and is designed to assess all 96 joints of the spine, as well as test your range of motion for surrounding body parts (neck, shoulders, and spine). So stop hurting and start healing — by beginning with an Omaha spinal screening.

Here's a little-known fact: Your physical health is largely contingent upon the proper biomechanics of the spine — in fact, this is the very premise upon which the field of chiropractic was initially founded. Unbeknownst to many people, without a normal range of spinal motion, your entire lifestyle and full-body health could be severely jeopardized. Do not take this risk; contact the spinal screening specialists in Omaha the minute you feel pain in or around your spine. Remember, the spine is often the part of our bodies we most take for granted. It is easy to dismiss spinal pain as the usual, day-to-day aches and pains we associate with moderately active lifestyles. But of course, the minute our spinal alignment is off, our entire health can suffer. Enter: the expert spinal screening specialists in Omaha, Nebraska! We're here to help you find the relief and reprieve you need…by way of an Omaha spinal screening.

"Normal function" of individual spinal joints, without the consultation of our team of spinal screening specialists in Omaha, can be tricky to self-identify; therein lies the value of an Omaha spinal screening. Even tiny, undetectable spinal problems can trigger pain, or other, more serious problems. The purpose of an Omaha spinal screening is to detect early spinal-pain indicators, such improper posture, muscle weakness, misalignment — even loss of skin sensation. If left untreated or, worse yet, if never identified by our team of spinal screening specialists in Omaha, spinal conditions can degenerate. Take matters into your own hands. Contact our team of spinal screening specialists in Omaha. Be proactive with your healthcare, and call today to schedule an Omaha spinal screening. Your back will thank you!

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