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Omaha Laser Therapy

What is Omaha laser therapy? What about Omaha cold laser therapy? Low-level laser therapy is generally known, at the Clark Chiropractic Clinic, as the technique which employs low-level lasers to stimulate (and, in some cases, inhibit) cellular function. At Clark Chiropractic Clinic, we utilize Omaha laser therapy and Omaha cold laser therapy to treat our patients to the premium chiropractic care they expect and deserve. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that Omaha laser therapy and Omaha cold laser therapy, in application, can each effectively treat soft-tissue injuries, wounds, and chronic pain issues. Omaha laser therapy can also be used to treat tinnitus, and, according to some doctors and practitioners, can potentially stimulate nerve regeneration. And of course, Omaha laser therapy and Omaha cold laser therapy can be used to relieve low-back pain — the number one reason our patients seek chiropractic care in the first place!

What is, exactly, a laser? "Light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation" is what's known, today, as a "laser" beam. A laser beam, such as those used in Omaha laser therapy, travels in one direction only. Its photons are monochromatic, meaning that the photons are identical in size, and travel at equidistant rates. In Omaha laser therapy and Omaha cold laser therapy, these photons are used to cut and destroy tissue. Similarly, laser therapy techniques can be used to alter cellular function in constructive ways, as well.

Patients may consider both low-level laser therapy techniques to feel similar to ultrasound treatment. And, if you've never experienced ultrasound treatment, rest assured that it is widely regarded to be a wholly pleasant therapeutic practice. During laser therapy at the Omaha Chiropractor and Clark Chiropractic Clinic, a soothing, stimulating pulse or warm sensation is often deeply felt in the muscles it touches. Pain relief can be, in some lucky cases, instantaneous and long lasting. Sounds good, right?

We think so, too. And we're glad you took the time, today, to get to know a little more about our laser therapy techniques. As always, if we have overlooked any information on this site, please do not hesitate to let us know. The information we have provided here is meant to equip you, our patient, with the tools and resources necessary to achieving excellent chiropractic care and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind, as well.

Omaha Cold Laser Therapy