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Omaha Gonstead - The Clark Chiropractic Team has been delivering Omaha Gonstead chiropractic treatments for nearly 30 years to Omaha NE residents.
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Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic

This section of the website discusses The Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic Technique and how it can be used successfully to treat your pain. To begin to understand Gonstead in Omaha, we must first look at physics in general. The key component of physics is a proper foundation. Whether one is building a high-rise office building, a single family home, or a small garage, the need for a solid foundation is obvious. The proper foundation insures longevity in the structure - and any subtle shift may cause a collapse. This is a key factor for Gonstead in Omaha.

In the body, the pelvic girdle acts as this solid foundation. Comprised of the lower bones in the back and the hip bones, the pelvic girdle, when level, provides stability in the body and a maximum balance in the spinal column. If by chance the pelvic girdle or any of the associated vertebrae should become off balance or tilted in any way, the body can experience a change of dramatic proportion. A rotation out of its normal position can also cause this same problem. The Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment deals with this very issue and Gonstead in Omaha can help.

If a misalignment does occur, there can be a reaction of pressure on the spinal discs that may in fact separate the vertebrae. This separation in the disc is often times the key to the patient's health problems and can be treated by Gonstead in Omaha. This separation can occur from one particular incident, or it can build up over time over many different incidents. Most patients just deal with the pain, and assume the condition will get better with Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic assistance. Unfortunately, in many cases, the patient's condition won't get better without Gonstead in Omaha. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, rotation, or disc separation - the body may have a hard time healing that naturally - therefore, chiropractic assistance via Gonstead in Omaha becomes increasingly important in solving the problem.

Another factor in the severity of the pain is the condition of the pads between the vertebra. These are comprised of a spongy material that is surrounded by cartilage. If there is a misalignment in the spine, these pads may experience uneven pressure - and could possible swell or protrude. This is also known as a herniated disc, or a rupturing of the disc. In the chiropractic world, this is termed a subluxation. Gonstead in Omaha can help. The subluxation compresses the nerves and often causes an inflammation that will hinder the correct transmission of signals given by this mission critical section of the body. When this hindrance occurs, one of countless problems can occur in the body and it needs to be treated by Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic treatment. While misalignments in the upper section of the spinal column can usually be diagnosed quickly, those occurring in the lower back are harder to find. The ability to find and repair these misalignments is a key component of Gonstead Omaha and the Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic Technique.

The purpose of the Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic Technique is to be as specific in treating the problem area as possible. First and foremost, the body must be in perfect bio-mechanically correct position so that the proper thrust can be applied for a painless and accurate adjustment. Your Gonstead Omaha Chiropractor has a goal of eliminating any interference on the nervous system that may be caused by a vertebral subluxation. To receive Omaha Gonstead Chiropractic treatment, visit Dr. Clark at Clark Chiropractic today!

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